Nii Kpetenkple

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Nii Kpetenkple

Nii Kpetenkple


As often said there are some few “indigenous and naturals” who seem to have been born with brushes and pallet knifes in their hands.

Nii Kpetenkple Samuel is one of such gifted and talented artist; Painting to him is one of the eloquent media for expressing himself about all the corners of the world and all that it holds; Of course it is not by accident, that he went into painting.

Nii Kpetenkple was born and bred in a coastal town, a suburb of Accra called NUNGUA, it’s only 10 miles away from Accra. ┬áHe is now in his late twenties.

Nii Kpetenkple had his training as an artist at one of the secondary schools in Accra – Ghana. Later he had his tertiary training at Ultimate school of Art, (U.S.A) Ghana.

Nii enjoys sketching, swimming, reading and music. His childhood experiences with fishermen in their fishing expedition, fish mongers, market women, local houses or structures and meaningful Ghanaian symbols with abstract figures made him an expert in that area.

Art enables Nii to see nature as eternal and grasp a fragment of the Almighty’s plan, whether it’s a bit of landscape, few pieces of fruits or a human form.

Throughout his period of contemplation and years of uninterrupted close contact with nature, vast truths flashed upon Nii’s mental horizon, to which he gave expression in his paintings.

Nii had no doubt that he had discovored a new realm in the world of painting and would carry on to a fuller completion with what many gurus of the art industry like Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Ablade Grover, Amon Kotei and Nii have started.

His name seems to have gone into the calendar of every art lover or patron, at home and abroad.

Acrylics, Oils, Gouache, Pastel and many more are his main medium of expression.


Nii holds a philosophy that every struggle for survival is a point in a positive direction. Therefore, MANKIND IS NOT A LAZY ENTITY.

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